Credit card without credit bureau

A credit card is hard to imagine today, and is even necessary for some purchases. Especially when traveling abroad, online shopping or paying for larger purchases, you often take a credit card in your hand. But what does it look like when you have negative credit bureau entries? Classic credit ( more… )

Online credit simulation: watch out for pitfalls

  Many sites offer online credit simulation. Whether banks or lenders, almost all offer a credit simulation. But they generally remain incomplete, hence the vigilance to be had with online credit simulation. Online credit simulation: a fully integrated service? Online credit simulation is supposed to provide a double service: Credit ( more… )

Credit rate: use a comparator to find the best

What does the credit rate correspond to, whether it is a need for consumer credit (personal loan, car credit, work, etc.) or a real estate project? What is the best credit rate that it is really possible to obtain to carry out your project? What can a credit comparator bring ( more… )

Personal loan: best rates and immediate response

  The personal loan is the most known and requested consumer credit. Without proof of use of money, this loan differs from car or work credit, which mostly involve providing quotes and invoices. Very different according to the organizations, the best personal loan rates are difficult to identify without going through a comparator. Personal ( more… )

Breto Loan offers subsidized loans to pay taxes

Breto Loan has decided to grant Daisy Miller to companies to help them with classic year-end payments. These Daisy Millers can be used by small and medium-sized companies to pay taxes , the thirteenth and fourteenth of employees, as well as their holidays. Daisy Miller to companies: the motivations of ( more… )

Taxpayer discount even with passive income

All tax return citizens are entitled to a full taxpayer discount. In order to claim a basic tax discount, there is no need to provide any document for the tax return. Employees, retired pensioners or disabled pensioners or women on parental leave are also entitled to a basic taxpayer discount. ( more… )

Payday Loan Now

Unpleasant complications are usually linked to others and others to others. A few days before the payout you have to deal with a broken car, broken washing machine. Children come with billed rings or claims to pay for school events and trips. A broken phone complicates your normal work and ( more… )

9 Misconceptions About Credit Cards

There are still many misunderstandings about credit cards. We collect 9 and explain how the fork fits exactly.   1. A credit card is unsafe On the contrary. In addition to the card number, you also need the security code on the back of your card to pay. Nowadays the ( more… )